1. We aim to provide opportunities for interaction with art in everyday experience.

  2. We therefore make art that takes the form of books and other printed objects
    that reside comfortably in venues as various as a tea house in Seoul, a dentist's
    waiting room, or your own living room coffee table.

  3. We co-opt the times and places of the publishing industry, such as signing
    and release events, as occasions for performative play.

  4. We sustain our practice and the material world at large by recycling everything
    from extant texts, to paper cut-offs and make-ready sheets, to coffee grounds.

  5. We love and appreciate our audience.

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From Mimeograph to Paperback--A Short History of Sara Ranchouse Publishing
by Sally Alatalo
an essay produced for Artists' Books Yearbook 2008-09, Sarah Bodman, ed.
(Impact Press, Bristol, England, 2007)