Alison Knowles

Alison Knowles is a visual artist known for her soundworks,
installations, performances, publications and association
with Fluxus, the experimental avant-garde group formally
founded in 1962. Since the early 1960s, she has traveled
and performed throughout Europe, Asia and United States.
Some of her seminal book projects include Notations, a
book of experimental composition that she designed and
co-edited with John Cage (1968, Something Else Press),
and The Big Book (1967), a walk-in book comprised of 8 ft.
pages around a center spine, permitting the spectator/
reader to physically go inside of the book. Bean Rolls, a
canned book, appeared in the Whitney Museum exhibition
The American Century (2000), and in 1968, The House of
programmed with the help of composer Jim Tenney,
was recognized as the first computer poem on record,
winning her a Guggenheim Fellowship.

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