KAYSAYS: ESSAYS and interviews by kay rosen

2007; 8" x 5"; 100p; offset lithography and digital laser print;
perfect binding

KAYSAYS: ESSAYS and interviews by kay rosen offered an
opportunity to think about the problem of reproducing and
representing work not originally designed for the book format.

Rosen's first essay in the book, (B)ecoming (A)part, introduces
the reader to eight "lessons" in Rosen's paintings. Although
Rosen uses color as a syntactical element in much of her work,
the pieces cited in this essay primarily address issues of
meaning and composition that were able to be teased out and
represented typographically.

Rosen originally produced Blurred as a corner wall installation
in which "BLU" was painted blue, "RED" was painted red, and
the middle "R," which straddled the two walls, purple. Rather
than reproduce a photograph of the installation, the gutter of
the book was utilized as the corner, and the text printed with
offset lithography in a rainbow roll from blue to red, a technique
that made perfect sense of blurring one color into another.