The Continental Caper by Sally Alatalo (1993)
Sara Ranchouse Publishing Detective Series #2

The Continental Caper presents a collage of texts and images
including: an extraction of all of the sentences from Raymond
Chandler's The Big Sleep that refer to (frequently otherwise
unnamed) women by characteristics of their hair, interrupted by
the author's poetic commentary; reproduced clippings of sixty-
three women's hair, which evoke a diversity of texture and tone
absent in Chandler's text; instructional hair-styling diagrams;
and silhouettes of hair grooming tools.

This book remarks on the reductive use of hair as a signifier for
character types in mystery novels, and in opposition, observes
the richness of hair as material, and the complexity of the skills
and tools of the important popular cultural art of hairdressing.

The Continental Caper Reading Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, 1994

photo credit: Sarabeth Blustein