Chicago After Dark
Susan Anderson, Annie Morse, Karen Reimer, Kevin Riordan

Detective Series #3
ISBN 1 888636 17 3

2001; 6.75"x4.125"; 154p; black on Durotone newsprint and
Mohawk warm white with four-color cover

A Mystery anthology by three artists and a writer, all of whom
take advantage of Chicago's legendary history as a crime-riddled
metropolis. Kevin Riordan looks at the future from the past in a
sci-fi thriller set in the 40's. Photographer Susan Anderson spins
a photo-narrative around beautifully grimey shots of Chicago's
industrial corridors, love-lorn Mason, and his dream-world dame
Maureen. Writer Annie Morse uses flashback to reveal the mys-
tery of a murder, but presents a who-dunnit of paternity. Karen
Reimer transcribes and corrupts a mystery, making it all the more

$12. (3.)